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  • WALW "Southern Radio" 98.3 FM Moulton (Saturdays 9am)

  • Arizona
  • KWMX "The Wolf" 95.7 FM Flagstaff (Sundays 6am) Listen

  • California
  • KYA "Golden Gate Great Radio" San Francisco (Sundays 9am) Listen
  • KTYD "Quality Rock" 99.9 FM Santa Barbara (Saturdays 8am) Listen
  • KVRV "The River" 97.7 FM Santa Rosa (Sundays 9am) Listen
  • KYNO "Boss Radio" 1430 AM Fresno (Sundays 8am) Listen
  • KRML "Locals Radio" 102.1 FM/1410 AM Carmel (Sundays 6am) Listen
  • KZFX "World Class Rock" 93.7 FM Ridgecrest (Sundays 12noon) Listen
  • KWSW "EZ Radio" 980 AM Eureka (Sundays 8am)
  • KRHV "Classic Rock" 93.3 FM Mammoth Lakes (Sundays 6am)

  • Colorado
  • KKVT "The Vault" 100.7 FM Grand Junction (Sundays 7am) Listen
  • KXRC "X-Rock 105" 105.3 FM, Durango (Sundays 8am)
  • KWUZ "Hippie Radio" 97.5 FM Poncha Springs (Sundays 9am) Listen
  • KQZR "The Reel" 97.3 FM Steamboat Springs (Saturdays 10am)

  • Connecticut
  • WMRD 1150 AM Hartford (Saturdays 6am-7pm-Midnight) Listen
  • WLIS 1420 AM New Haven (Saturdays 6am-7pm-Midnight) Listen

  • Florida
  • WKYZ "Pirate Radio" 96.7/101.7 FM Key West (Saturdays 8am) Listen

  • Hawaii
  • KORL "Oldies 101.1 FM" Honolulu (Sundays 10am) Listen
  • KONI "Oldies 104.7 FM" Lanai (Sundays 10am) Listen

  • Illinois
  • WVLI "The Valley" 95.1 FM Kankakee/Chicago (Sundays 8am) Listen

  • Iowa
  • KWQQ "Music Radio 95" Farmington (Sundays 9am) Listen

  • Kentucky
  • WEKY 1340 AM Lexington (TBA)
  • WKYW "Passport Radio" 1490 AM Frankfort (Sundays 8am) Listen
  • WQAK "The Quake" 105.7 FM Union City (Sundays 9am)

  • Michigan
  • CKWW "Motor City Favorites" 580 AM Detroit (Sundays 10am) Listen
  • WLCS "Oldies 98" 98.3 FM Muskegon (Sundays 9am) Listen

  • Minnesota
  • WDGY "True Oldies" 740 AM Minneapolis (Sundays 9am) Listen
  • KRPR 89.9 FM Rochester (Sundays 9am)
  • KSRQ 90.1 FM "Pioneer Radio" Thief River Falls (Sundays 7am)

  • Missouri
  • KMYK "93.5 Rocks!" Osage Beach (Sundays 8am) Listen
  • KXEA "The Eagle" 104.9 FM Truman Lake (Sundays 6am) Listen

  • Montana
  • KMBR "Montana's Best Rock" 95.5 FM Butte (Sundays 9am)

  • Nebraska
  • KTGL "The Eagle" 92.9 FM Lincoln (Sundays 8am) Listen
  • KKPR "Classic Hits" 98.9 FM Grand Island (Saturdays 7am) Listen
  • KKOT "The Hawk" 93.5 FM Columbus (Sundays 8am) Listen

  • Nevada
  • LV Classic Rock, Las Vegas' BEST Classic Rock Station (Sundays 10am)
  • KQLL "KOOL 102" 102.3 FM Las Vegas (Sundays 8am) Listen

  • New Jersey
  • WOLD 95.1 FM/107.9 FM Edison/Piscataway (Saturdays 6am)

  • New York
  • WNDR "Movin' 100" 100.3 FM Syracuse (Sundays 9am)
  • WCKM "Your #1 Oldies" 98.5 FM Lake George (Sundays 8am) Listen
  • WLPW "Adirondack 105" 105.5 FM Lake Placid (Sundays 7am) Listen
  • WRIP "Yesterday's Favorites" 97.9 FM Windham (Sundays 7am) Listen
  • WXHC 101.5 FM Ithaca (Sundays 8am) Listen
  • WQRS 98.3 FM "98 Rocks" Olean (Sundays 8am)

  • Ohio
  • WQEL "Your Q for Classic Hits" 92.7 FM Bucyrus (Sundays 7am) Listen
  • WBIK "Classic Rock" 92.1 FM Cambridge (Sundays 9am)
  • WLGN "Classic Hits" 103.3 FM Logan (Sundays 7am)
  • WWOW "Boomer Tunes" 1360 AM Ashtabula (Sundays 8am)

  • Oregon
  • KURY "EZ Radio" 95.3 FM/910 AM Brookings (Sundays 8am)
  • KDUN 1030 AM Reedsport (Saturdays 9am & 9pm)

  • Pennsylvania
  • WMCE "Greatest Hits" 88.5 FM/1530 AM Erie (Sundays 10am)
  • WKMC "Great Oldies" 1370 AM Altoona (Sat. 8am/Sun. 10am) Listen
  • WKVA "Oldies 920 AM" Lewistown (Sundays 10am)

  • South Carolina
  • WHHW "The Island" 96.1 FM/1130AM Hilton Head (Sun. 9am)

  • South Dakota
  • KVHT "Classic Hits 106.3" Vermillion (Sundays 8am) Listen

  • Tennessee
  • WMTY "Oldies 98.3 FM" Sweetwater (Saturdays 8am)

  • Texas
  • KXCS "The X" 105.5 FM Big Spring (Sundays 9am)

  • Virginia
  • WREN "The Wren" 97.9 FM Charlottesville (Sat. 10am/Sun. 8am)
  • WKMZ 96.5 FM Ruckersville (Sat. 10am/Sun. 8am)

  • Washington
  • KRXY "The South Sound's Station" 92.9 FM Olympia (Sat./Sun. 10am)

  • Wisconsin
  • WKFX "Classic Hits 99.1 The Fox" Rice Lake (Sundays 8am)
  • WFDL "Yesterday's Hits" 1170 AM Fond du Lac (Saturdays 7am) Listen


    Beatles-A-Rama! Los Angeles, CA (Saturdays 11am) Listen
    Classic Oldies UK Hull, UK (Sundays 8am)
    CoastAccess 104.7 FM Wellington, New Zealand (Fri. 6:30am)
    CROC Community Radio Kimberly, BC Canada (Sundays 9am)
    East FM 107.1 FM, East Auckland, New Zealand (Saturdays & Sundays 7am)
    East FM 88.1 FM Auckland, New Zealand (Saturdays & Sundays 7am)
    Fab4Radio Minneapolis, MN (Sat. & Sun. 9am) Listen
    KZMI "My FM" 103.9 FM Saipan, Guam/Mariana Islands (Sat. 9am)
    Mersey Radio Liverpool, UK (Saturdays 10am, Tuesdays 8am)
    My Generation Radio Southampton, UK (Saturdays 8am)
    Oldies Radio 1620 Lancaster, PA (Sundays 8am) Listen
    Retro Sounds Radio London, UK (Saturdays 7am)
    Vintage FM 88.7 FM Camden, Australia (Saturdays 6am) Listen
    Vintage FM 87.6 FM Hawkesberry, Australia (Saturdays 6am) Listen
    Vintage FM 87.8 FM Penrith, Australia (Saturdays 6am) Listen
    Vintage FM 88.0 FM Southern Highlands, Australia (Saturdays 6am) Listen
    WMNG "The Mongoose" 104.9 FM St. Croix, Virgin Islands (Sat. 9am)

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