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  • WALW "Southern Radio" 98.3 FM Moulton (Saturdays 9am)

  • Arkansas
  • KFMD "Classic Hits 101.5 FM" Fayetteville (Sundays 8am) Listen

  • California
  • KYA "Golden Gate Great Radio" San Francisco (Sundays 9am) Listen
  • KYNO "Boss Radio" 1430 AM Fresno (Sundays 8AM)
  • KMPH "Modesto's Powerhouse" 840 AM Modesto (Sundays 9am) Listen
  • KRML "Community Radio" 102.1 FM/1410 AM Carmel (Sundays 6am) Listen
  • KXTZ "The Beach" 95.3 FM San Luis Obispo (Saturdays 8am) Listen
  • KZFX "Real Classic Rock 93.7" Ridgecrest (Sundays 9am)
  • KVRV "The River" 97.7 FM Santa Rosa (Sundays 9am) Listen
  • KXDZ 100.5 FM "The Beach" Atascadero (Saturdays 8am) Listen

  • Colorado
  • KRWZ "Cruisin Oldies" 950 AM Denver (Sundays 10am) Listen
  • KKVT "The Vault" 100.7 FM Grand Junction (Sundays 7am) Listen
  • KXRC "X-Rock 105" 105.3 FM, Durango (Sundays 8am)
  • KWUZ "Hippie Radio" 97.5 FM Poncha Springs (Sundays 7am) Listen
  • KQZR "The Reel" 97.3 FM Steamboat Springs (Saturdays 9am)

  • Connecticut
  • WMRD 1150 AM Hartford (Saturdays 6am-7pm-Midnight) Listen
  • WLIS 1420 AM Old Saybrook (Saturdays 6am, 7pm & midnight) Listen

  • Florida
  • WKYZ "Pirate Radio" 96.7/101.7 FM Key West (Saturdays 8am) Listen

  • Illinois
  • WVLI "The Valley" 95.1 FM Kankakee (Sundays 8am) Listen

  • Iowa
  • KWQQ "Music Radio 95" Farmington (Sundays 9am) Listen

  • Kentucky
  • WKYW "Passport Radio" 1490 AM Frankfort (Sundays 8am) Listen
  • WQAK "The Quake" 105.7 FM Union City (Sundays 9am)

  • Michigan
  • CKWW "Motor City Favorites" 580 AM Detroit/Windsor (Sundays 10am) Listen
  • WLCS "Oldies 98" 98.3 FM Muskegon (Sundays 9am) Listen
  • WDGY "True Oldies Channel" 740 AM Minneapolis (Sundays 12noon) Listen
  • KRPR 89.9 FM Rochester (Sundays 9am)

  • Missouri
  • KMYK "93.5 Rocks!" Osage Beach (Sundays 8am) Listen
  • KXEA "The Eagle" 104.9 FM Clinton (Sundays 6am) Listen
  • KKOT "The Hawk" 93.5 FM Columbus (Sundays 8am) Listen

  • Montana
  • KMBR "Montana's Best Rock" 95.5 FM Butte (Sundays 9am)

  • Nebraska
  • KTGL "The Eagle" 92.9 FM Lincoln (Sundays 8am) Listen
  • KKPR "Classic Hits" 98.9 FM Kearney/Grand Island (Saturdays 7am) Listen

  • Nevada
  • KQLL "KOOL 102" 102.3 FM Las Vegas (Saturdays 7am) Listen

  • New York
  • WCKM "Your #1 Oldies" 98.5 FM Lake George (Sundays 8am) Listen
  • WSLP 93.3 FM Lake Placid (Saturdays & Sundays 7am)
  • WRIP "Yesterday's Favorites" 97.9 FM Windham (Sundays 7am) Listen
  • WZOZ 103.1 FM Oneonta (Saturdays 8am) Listen

  • North Dakota
  • KNDK "The Rock Farm" 95.7 FM Langdon (Sundays 10am)
  • KAUJ "The Rock Farm" 100.1 FM Grafton (Sundays 10am)

  • Ohio
  • WQEL "Your Q for Classic Hits" 92.7 FM Bucyrus (Sundays 7am) Listen
  • WBIK "Classic Rock" 92.1 FM Cambridge (Sundays 9am)
  • WLGN "Classic Hits 1510 AM" LoganSaturdays 9am)
  • WWOW "Boomer Tunes" 1360 AM Ashtabula (Sundays 8am)

  • Oregon
  • KLOO "Timeless Rock" 106.3 FM Corvallis (Saturdays 8am) Listen

  • Pennsylvania
  • WMCE "Greatest Hits of All Time" 88.5 FM/1530 AM Erie (Sundays 10am)
  • WKMC "Great Oldies" 1370 AM Altoona (Sat. 8am/Sun. 10am) Listen
  • WCHX "Chix Rox!" 105.5 FM Lewistown (Sundays 7am)
  • WKQW "KQW 96.3 FM" Oil City (Saturdays 8am) Listen

  • South Carolina
  • WHHW "Timeless Favorites" 93.5 FM/1130AM Hilton Head

  • South Dakota
  • KVHT "Classic Hits 106.3" Vermillion (Sundays 8am) Listen

  • Texas
  • KXCS "The X" 105.5 FM Big Spring (Sundays 9am)

  • Wisconsin
  • WKFX "Classic Hits 99.1 The Fox" Rice Lake (Sundays 8am)
  • WFDL "Yesterday's Hits" 1170 AM Fond du Lac (Saturdays 7am) Listen


    HD Diner Radio Paris, France (Five times weekly)
    Vintage FM 87.6 FM Camden, Australia (Saturdays 7am) Listen
    Mersey Radio - Liverpool, UK (Saturdays 10AM, Tuesdays 8am)
    WMNG "The Mongoose" 104.9 FM St. Croix, Virgin Islands (Saturdays 9am)
    KZMI "My FM" 103.9 FM Saipan, Guam/Northern Mariana Islands (Saturdays 9am)
    Botany Radio 107.1 FM, East Auckland, New Zealand (Sundays 7am)
    CoastAccessRadio 104.7 FM Wellington/Kapiti, New Zealand (Fri. 6:30am) Listen
    Howick Village Radio 88.1 FM Auckland, New Zealand (Sat. & Sun. 7am) Listen
    Radio Cisaria International (RCI) Augsburg, Germany (Sundays 10am) Listen
    Beatles-A-Rama! Los Angeles, CA (Saturdays 11am) Listen
    Fab4Radio Minneapolis, MN (Sat. & Sun. 9am) Listen
    Oldies Radio 1620 Lancaster, PA (Sundays 8am) Listen
    Error FM - Stockholm, Sweden (Podcast only)